Apologetics books

Apologetics is the discipline, practice, and art of defending the faith with logic, reason, evidence, and facts. Simplistic answers do not satisfy serious seekers and skeptics. To effectively defend the faith, you need to be prepared with honest, logical, detailed, and thought-out answers. The books on the two lists linked below can help you get prepared. The General Apologetics Booklist is long ... twelve pages long. You will need to review the descriptions for each book to select the appropriate book or books. The Science and the Bible Booklist (creation versus evolution) is only three pages long. Both lists are in PDF format. Another resource for you is the eSeeker.org site linked below. It provides free PDFs of answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about the fairness of God, the reliability of His message, and much more. Click below to access either booklist or the eSeeker.org site.

                        The General Apologetics Booklist

                        The Science and the Bible Booklist

                        Free PDFs from eSeeker.org

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